Polyurethane Seal With Filter, Red Gladhand 25 Pack | 10017RFX25


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Poly Seal With Filter, Red Gladhand

  • QTY 25
  • Red
  • Polyurethane Gladhand Seal
  • Built-In Stainless Steel Filter
  • Single Lip 
  • Seals Resist Oil, Chemicals, Ozone
  • Improved Wear Resistance Lengthens Service Life
  • Help Prevent Contaminants From Entering The Air System

For better braking, preventing air from escaping while keeping moisture out of your system is critical. Glad Hand seals are rubber or polyurethane attachments that help to prevent moisture from entering the system while preventing air from escaping. The seal needs to be clean and not cracked or damaged for the system to function properly.

SKU: 10017RFX25 ITEM: 25 Poly Seal With Filter, Blue Gladhand WT: .4 lb