4" AAR Webbing Winch Strap w/ Flat Hook


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  • Product available in custom lengths email for quote:
  • Webbing Used in Load Restraints on Rail Cars must be AAR Approved
  • Webbing Must be Marked Per the AAR Standard, Open Top Loading Rules Committee ( OTLRC ), Rule 20
  • All Straps are Assembled in the US w/ Webbing Woven in the US
  • Most Webbing is dyed via a continuous Thermasol dye (or disperse dye) invented by Du Pont Corporation. The Color Will Not Transfer to the Product Being Restrained
  • Abrasion Clip on Flat Hook is Shaped to Optimize the Web Radius Under Strap Tension
  • Straps are Tagged with Working Load Limit per Federal Law
  • Single Orange Woven Marker Line Signifies 5,000 lb. per inch Webbing
  • Custom Colors and Lengths are Available, Please Contact Us for a Detailed Quote