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Dynatex 5TH Wheel Grease 4 Pack

  • Quantity 4 - 2 oz Packets
  • Water-proof 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Prevents rust and corrosion 
  • Withstands extreme pressure
  • Reduces cost (extends lubrication cycle)
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • No tools needed for use


  • All heavy-duty fifth wheel top plates
  • King pins
  • Trailer balls
  • Axle slides
  • Lug nuts
  • Fifth wheel slides

DYNATEX 5TH WHEEL ADVANCED GREASE - lubricates the 5th wheel top plates of the trailer. It protects from metal and rust >corrosion. No tools or clean-up are required. Our pre-measured packets will burst and disentegrate, allowing the motion of the trailer plate to distribute the grease evenly every time.

Dynatex 5th Wheel Advanced Grease is designed for heavy duty applications, and is effective in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Dynatex® 5th Wheel Grease is a heavy-duty waterproof lubricant containing graphite and molybdenum disulfide and is formulated to tolerate the harsh environments that a fifth wheel encounters. The high solid content forms a plating action, giving this product higher load carrying capabilities crucial in a fifth wheel application. Anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors are mixed together with graphite, moly, and thickeners, to create a product that will outlast any conventional grease. It is virtually waterproof so it won't wash off slider rails on wet roads. Provides excellent lubrication and protection in all fifth-wheel applications. It's easy to use and very cost-effective. Use On: All heavy-duty fifth wheel top plates, King pins, Trailer balls, Axle slides, Lugnuts, Fifth wheel slides.

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