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Qty (10) - 2X 16 Ft. Logistic Van Ratchet E-Track Straps W/ Spring E Fittings Interior

High Quality Qty (10) - 2"x 16 ft. Logistic Van Ratchet E-Track Straps w/ Spring E Fittings

High Quality Interior Van by

  • $ 8490
  • Save $ 30

  •  2" x 16' Interior Van Ratchet Strap with 1/pc Spring "E" Fittings
  • Fixed Ends come 4 ft. as Industry Standard but can be Sewn Any Length By Request
  • End Fittings Optimized for E-Track & A-Track Common to Freight Vans
  • Adjustable (Long) Ends are Sewn Captivated to Prevent Separation in Van Trailers
  • Wide Handle Ratchets Allow Easy Operation While Wearing Gloves

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