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Pride Quantum Q6 Edge Bracket

  • The Pride Quantum Q6 Edge Bracket mounts in the Dual "T" Track aluminum extrusion underneath the armrest utilizing screws and nuts supplied with the bracket. 

  • Open access to the end of the Dual "T" Track extrusion is required for mounting the bracket. Click on the photo and select next to see a photo of the Dual "T" Track.

  • Loosen the screws and nuts supplied with the bracket enough to be able to slide the nuts into the two "T" Tracks and retighten. 

  • Mounting arm attaches with screws to the underside of armrest chair. Bracket is specific to mobility device. Screw holes are pre-existing in armrest.
  • Once installed snap the SnapIt! accessory into the bracket.

  • The center of the mounting screws is 2" back from the inside edge of the "U" shaped bracket.  If your application requires a longer bracket please contact us to ensure the proper bracket is purchased

  • All holders come with a SnapIt! bracket. This item is a replacement or additional bracket for use on a second mobility device. Cup/phone holders can be snapped/attached to any bracket.