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Decking/shoring E Beam Premium End Channel Replacement Head Interior Van

High Quality Decking/Shoring E Beam Premium End Channel Replacement Head

High Quality Interior Van by

  • $ 900

  • New Design has 5-Year Warranty
  • Built to Withstand Years of Hard Use
  • Double the Number of Rivets over Competitor Head
  • Special 'Stop' Locks Head into Track, Preventing Trailer Sidewall Damage
Custom Quote: For large order bulk pricing, call 1-84-GOSTRAPS or email
  • Optimally Placed Lock Hole Allows Lock-Out that Prevents Beam Removal
  • 4mm Heavy Duty, Zinc Plated Steel
  • Fits Commercial Horizontal & Vertical E-Track and A-Track
  • Less 'Travel' Means More of the Head Remains in the Beam When Installed


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