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Heavy Duty 5 Wide Top Aluminum E-Track Decking/shoring Beam - Extrusion Made In Usa 102 Interior Van

High Quality Heavy Duty 5" Wide Top Aluminum E-Track Decking/Shoring Beam - Extrusion Made in USA

High Quality Interior Van by

  • $ 9200

  • Innovative & Patented Design Doubles the Effective Width to 5"
  • 4,000 lb. Working Load Limit is double that of standard beams
  • Extruded Ridges Create Skid Proof Surface
Custom Quote: For large order bulk pricing, call 1-84-GOSTRAPS - or email - Ask About Free Shipping!
  • Ends Fit Commercial Horizontal & Vertical E-Track and A-Track
  • Patented, Made in USA High Strength Aluminum Alloy Extrusion, Custom Lengths Available
  • Newly Designed Beam Head is Easy to Operate with Gloves
  • Longer Extrusion Leaves more of the Head in the Beam when Fully Extended
  • Innovative & Patented Head Design Has a 5-Year Warranty
  • Head has 'Stopper' To Keep Head in Proper Track Position & Lock Hole
  • Made from 6005A Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloy; Higher Corrosion Resistance, Better Die Draw, and has a Superior Finish than 6061T6
  • A Exclusive Offering

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