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Qty 12 - Rubber Tire Cleats For Car / Auto Hauler Ratchet Straps Towing

High Quality QTY 12 - Rubber Tire Cleats for Car / Auto Hauler Ratchet Straps

High Quality Towing by

  • $ 2295
  • Save $ 1.05

  • Easy to Add onto Your Existing Straps for Manufacturers like Mercedes Benz that Require Them When Hauling off the Port
  • Webbing Tread Grabs Easily Slide onto all 2" Web Straps
  • Cleat's Resistance to Impact & Toughness Ideally Suited to Auto Hauling 
  • Slot Promotes Easy Placement Along 2" Webbing for Auto Hauling & Towing Straps
  • Durometer Optimized to Maximize Friction against Rubber Tire Tread Even in Wet Weather Securement
  • Rubber Block Compound Offers Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Remains Operable in Cold Weather Operation
  • Economical Part Offering High Performance/Cost Ratio
  • Replaceable Part on Properly Sewn Ratchet Strap Assemblies

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