Qty 50 Rope Tie-Off w/ Spring E Fitting


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  • 50 Pieces Rope Tie-Off w/ Spring E Fitting
  • Simple to Operate E-Track or A-Track Attachment Allows The Use of Ropes or 1" or 2" Strap Assemblies with Fittings like Vinyl S Hooks, Wire Hooks or Snap Hooks
  • 1,000 lb. Working Load Limit 
  • Can be Customized with Other Colors, Lengths or Fittings, Please Contact
  • Hardware is Zinc Plated to Prevent Corrosion
  • Hardware's Web Edges are Smoothed by Grinding or Chamfering
  • A Cost-Effective Method of Restraining High Value, Difficult to Package Products
  • Many Clever Uses in Contractor Cargo Vans Equipped with E-Track or A-Track