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Quick-Secure Retractable Tie Down Straps Fits Wheelchair L-Track 1 Set Of 4 Securements

High Quality Quick-Secure Retractable Tie Down Straps fits Wheelchair L-Track

High Quality Wheelchair Securements by

  • $ 33500

  • Qty 4 Kit includes 2-right hand tensioners for L-Track & 2-left hand tensioners for L-Track
  • User Manual for Wheelchair & Occupant Restraint System is Included
  • L-Track Floor Mount
  • Retractable Tie Down Straps
  • Meets the Requirements of SAE J2249 Including a Frontal Impact Test Conducted at 30 mph, 20G using a Forward-Facing Surrogate Wheelchair with a Mass of 85kg and an ATD with a Mass of 76.3 kg.
  • A seat belt and/or shoulder restraint should always be used with any tie-down system. Never depend on wheelchair locks (brakes) alone for safety when driving or being transported.

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