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Square Jack Shoring Bar W/ Welded Hoop Set Interior Van

High Quality Square Jack Shoring Bar w/ Welded Hoop Set

High Quality Interior Van by

  • $ 5700

Custom Quote: For large order bulk pricing, call 1-84-GOSTRAPS or email
  • Extends to 115" w/ 35" Rack
  • Hoops Formed & Welded in Dallas, TX USA
  • Hoop Size is Fully Customizable, Please Contact for Custom Quotes
  • Neoprene Rubber on 4"x4" Foot Pads Adheres to Most Trailer Wall Surfaces
  • Bike Handle Grip Eases Operation of Jacking Mechanism
  • Articulating Feet or Welded Feet Available
  • Please Contact for Custom Stenciling/Labeling

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