TITAN800 Retractor Kit with Dual Retractor Occupant Restraint | S-Hooks & L-Track | AL812S-4C-7


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TITAN 800 - The Strongest TITAN Retractor Ever Made.

Included in Kit:

  • AL800855S (4 each) - TITAN800 L-Track Fitting
  • AL700868-4 (1 each) - Single Retracting Occupant Retraint

In addition to its familiar technology and distinctive blue webbing, the new TITAN800 was built with an innovative energy distribution design for maximum load capacity to meet the latest industry regulations.

  • Meets the Requirements of WC18: Built with an energy distribution design and stronger webbing to withstand the higher load requirements of the newest standards.
  • J Hook: J-Hook attachment improves your belt angles by minimizing twists.
  • Positive Locking Interface (PLI) Fitting: Innovative fitting tells operators when the retractor is locked into place.
  • Auto-Tension & Auto-Lock: Allows operators to secure a wheelchair within seconds with just one hand.
  • Low Profile: Minimizes interference with wheelchairs to eliminate potential tripping hazards.

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Meets the Requirements of WC18 and is compatible with WC19 Wheelchairs